Split System Air Conditioners

Coleman Air Conditioner


ENERGY STARWith efficiencies from 13 SEER to an amazing 18 SEER, now is the time to upgrade your old system or even have that new Coleman system installed. For added comfort and value, all of our air conditioners use 410-A refrigerant, which is environmentally friendly.


Echelon Models

Two-stage Compressor
Up to 18 SEER
410-A Refrigerant

Two-stage Compressor
Up to 15 SEER
410-A Refrigerant
Single-stage Compressor
Up to 16 SEER
410-A Refrigerant
*See Cooling Terms below for details...

Duct Free Mini Split System
Want the luxury of central air conditioning without the duct work? Ask about our line of ductless split systems. Installations require only a minimal wall opening, reducing the need for major mechanical or carpentry work.

Cooling Terms
Single-stage Compressors maintain one continuous speed and capacity. Two-stage Compressors operate at full or partial speed and capacity, which maximizes comfort and efficiency.

SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) ratings tell you how efficiently a unit uses electricity. The higher the number, the greater the efficiency.

Refrigerant is a substance used in an air conditioner to cool your home.